Wednesday, May 20, 2009


She is definitely a 'tween' and has discovered a love for shopping! I love it that she is not too cool to let loose and act silly - as seen trying on a killer wig!

Nick worked really hard on his visual aids, report and displays for the third grade Animal Fair. One of the greatest things about our school district is that they try to foster children's independence from parents 'helping' with their work. They completed 100% of this project at school, including creating their own silk screen for a tee shirt. The only thing I did was iron it on so he could wear it for the fair.
The hubby was not surprisingly out of town for our 13th anniversary (old! ugh!) No pics but I made him his very own anniversary cookies! We are celebrated with a dinner at our favorite restaurant 'Not Your Average Joe's'.
For YEARS I have TRIED to make impressive cakes. This is yet another example of a failed attempt that that was created to celebrate the birthday of a good friend. Hey - it tasted good!
Roller skating with the kiddo's was tons of hilarious fun! I wasn't able to take many pics as at least two of the three offspring were clinging to various parts of my body at all times!


As I update my neglected blog you might notice that other things have been neglected as well (see previous post). The photographic evidence from 2009 thus far indicates that I took the time to make and photograph cookies though I did not take the time to remember the camera at most of the events that have transpired with my family. Hopefully acknowledgement of my short-comings and redirection of time is penance enough for past transgression.....right?

Valentines Day brought many heart shaped things.....

Every year Nick picks up more tips on how to craft a truly magnificent Pine Wood Derby Car!

Nick and Allie LOVED playing basketball. I was the coach for Allies team (no - I do not have excessive basketball skills but I certain know more that a bunch of 10 year olds - right?). Sadly, the camera did not make it to one game or practice! Zack was not as enthusiastic as basketball. It was difficult for him to transition from soccer, where we had games for all three kids and dutifully cheered for all three kids, to basketball where we only cheered for two of them.