Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Simplified

Every year the Hub and I tell each other that we are going to 'take it easy' and 'scale back'. Then, every year we go nuts buying things for our kids that we think will make them scream with joy on Christmas morning.

I will admit that I think spoiling my kids is fun. There is nothing fun however, about having spoiled kids. So this year we committed. The kids were told at the beginning of November that for the Fishler Family Christmas 2008 they would receive 4 gifts - one each in the following categories:

1. Something you want
2. Something you need
3. Something to wear
4. Something to read

The 'something you want' would come from Santa. All others were from me and the Hub. When asked: "What if Santa wants to give us more presents?" We replied: "We will write a letter to Santa telling him to give those gifts to other kids who don't have as much as we do".

We were thrilled as the kids not only embraced this plan, but carefully and methodically began to make decisions about what they wanted for Christmas.

When we saw Santa at the mall, the following conversation ensued:

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Z: Jedi Math for Leapster
Santa: That sounds like fun! What else would you like?
Z: Nothing else, all those presents are for other kids."

We are still flying high on the coat tails of our simplified Christmas. All three kids are continually busy playing with their few gifts and none of us feel that anything was missing.

Now that the holiday's are winding down I can honestly say that I feel that the Hub and I gave the kids more this year than any other because our celebration was sweeter, and more full of gratitude and joy.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Many companies offer employee bonuses and fringe benefits to show their thanks and support to those that keep a business afloat. This creates a satisfied employee base and assures staff turnover will be kept to a minimum. As a tax payer, I am glad that the Federal Government does not offer ANY such benefits. As the stay-at-home spouse of such an employee, I am awed when told by others about their 'extras'. The dicotomy between public and private sector is especially noticable during the holiday season. HOWEVER - last night we were able to cash in on a FANTASTIC perk that was eight years in coming.

It was an adventure for the whole family - and if you are on my Christmas (otherwise known as New Year's) Card list you will be getting a recap of the evening soon!

Friday, December 12, 2008