Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Long, Long Ago in a Kitchen Far, Far Away...

My 12 year old son is laughing his butt of early this Tuesday morning.


Because he found out that that I am from 'olden times'.

What would qualify me for such an advanced age?

Well, I was telling him a story which involved the phrase "she was cutting carrots".

I got no further in the story because N suddenly howled with laughter "You had to actually cut carrots? Like you got a big carrot and had to actually cut it yourself? Man, you are from olden times!"

I realize that there are many modern conveniences utilized today that did not exist back when I was younger but I usually have considered these generational earmarks as technology based instead of vegetable based.

Like, I remember when we got our first TV with a remote. My family shared ONE PHONE LINE, and the phone was connected to the wall with a long cord. I listed to music on a boom box. I had to open the car door with a key instead of a button.

Now I must add the cutting of carrots to that list.

Because that is the way we did things long, long ago.