Thursday, June 11, 2009

Apparently I went to NYC...

My Mom and I took the kids to NYC for three days. We had SO much fun!

The boys's loved that it was Fleet Week.

When we walked into Dylan's Candy Bar (a three story candy store) the kids shifted from 'I am so tired and can not walk another step' to a pre-consumptive sugar high. We literally had to run to find the restroom as two of the three were in such an excited state that I was sure that at least one of them was going to wet their pants.

We formed many memories on this surry ride.......squishing 5 people into a mode of transport that was likely made for a maximum of three.......watching our 'driver' haul all of us uphill as we headed for the entrance to central park......the kids popsicles rapidly melting and dripping onto my shoes, pants and arms.....learning (from an angry NYC resident) that it was illegal to bring a surry into the park.....

The kids were troopers, we hauled them to The Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Liberty Island, through Central Park, to the World Trade Center Site, Battery Park, Toys R Us (with a ferris wheel), Times Square, the M&M's store, Ellen's Star Dust Diner, the Natural History Museum, Dylan's Candy Bar, FAO Schwartz, and to the Lion King.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Apparently Miss A had a birthday...

Nothing like a birthday on a weekend so that presents can be opened first thing in the morning!

Birthday Breakfast is a tradition at our house.
Waffles topped with ice cream and all the toppings!

I designed cupcake sleeves for Allie's cupcakes! I didn't want to pay for them (pricey!) and I couldn't find a template so it was a bit of work but totally worth it!

Allie designed and helped decorate these cupcakes - she is so artistic and creative!

I am so proud of my amazing girl. She is SUCH a wonderful person. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. She amazes me all the time with her maturity, sensitivity, and great attitude. She is 11 this year..........I can't wait to see what she accomplishes. LOVE HER ! ! ! ! !

Apparently I am playing catch-up...

Made a wedding veil for Heather - love her!

Allie's art was in a show at the mall!

Zack's allergies have resulted in a slight case of asthma -
for which he need periodic breathing treatments.

Matt was out of town so the kids took it upon themselves to decorate for
Mother's Day. They sent me on a treasure hunt to find my gifts! Cute kids!

Mother's Day tea at Zack's preschool.

Apparently Mr. N is a lover...

While riding into D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms (on the Metro) Nick was showing
me the way he was going to stare into the eyes of the girl that he loved.
Paddle Boats in the Tidal Basin (Jefferson Memorial).

Walking around the Tidal Basin

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The Eternal Flame (Kennedy grave site).