Friday, July 11, 2008

Phases of a Vacation

1. I wanted to add some info on the aforementioned camping trip, which to quote my sister Becca was actually more akin to 'staying outdoors in small quarters' than actual camping. My in laws love to recreate, they love to take road trips but they also love creature comforts. So our camping trip was made possible by their two trailers, one of which was a pop out variety complete with a sofa, two recliners, closets, and a kitchen table (in the fully functioning kitchen)! In fact, the trailer was so nice that we were required to remove our shoes upon entry. We were also equipped with bathrooms (including showers) in each trailer, and to top it all off - a satellite dish. It was defiantly my kind of camping! Thanks Phil and Judy!

2. Matt and I spent a day and a night at a great resort in Midway, Utah called the Zermatt. It was FABULOUS! Great restaurants, fabulous pool, beautiful grounds.....and no kids!

3. After the camping, we spent 2 days with our good friends, Jim and Reina Detjen who are always generous and welcoming when we come into town. They are also connoisseurs of fine food, which the provide daily. Thanks guys!

4. CALIFORNIA! After living in So Cal from 2000-2004 I am a beach junkie. I love the ocean, the sun and the sand. I love that my kids can entertain them selves all day without any sort of electronics. I love exploring tide pools and helping my kids search for shells. I love playing in the ocean and ducking the waves. I love that my kids are old enough that I can read a book while catching some rays. I love the beach! I will have to make a trip to the Atlantic when we get back to VA in August. Any takers on a day trip?

5. St. George was a convenient stop on the way back from CA. My parents have a house there so my and my sister Becca partied there for a few days. And by party I mean that we entertained my three, and her four kids. It was WAY too hot to do anything besides go to the pool. But we did manage to squeeze in a musical at Tuachan, an outdoor theater in the canyon (The Sound Of Music - or as 'Z' calls it: Musical Sounds), and to take the kids on a few rides on an old tandem bike. Becca and I also made a midnight run to the local grocery store on said bicicyle to purchase some -ahem - feminine products.

Now we are back at my parents house, near Hogle Zoo and the University of Utah, and what will we do for the rest of our vacation? Swim in their pool, stay a few nights at the cabin in Brighton Canyon, swim, shop the Foothill Village 24th of July sidewalk sale, swim..............I'll try not to get tired of this vacation thing!

(There was a debate between my boys over the appropriate titles for the 'ladies dressed in black' in the Sound of Music. 'Z' claimed that they were called Num's, and 'N' argued that they were called Nim's)
"When are the Nazi's going to get here!" (Said by 'N' in frustration over another love song in the musical)


Chris said...

Sounds like a fun vacation. Enjoy the "down" time till you have to go home. :-)

Gustogirl said...

Sounds like you guys have been having a great time!!

Chris said...

Can you come back now? :-) We are all so very bored without you. Hope you are having fun! Mary is finally coming home Sunday.