Sunday, July 26, 2009

Apparently we went to Utah...

Here are the highlights from our Utah/California Vacation:

The hubby, his parents and kids went camping in Moab. I stayed in SLC to help with wedding things, and missed the Southern Utah adventures.
My main job for the wedding was to over-see the making of 200 cookies.
Matt and the kids drove back from Moab to Heber where I picked them up so we could all drive to Logan for the wedding. Heather was beautiful and we all had a great time!

After a night and a day in Logan we drove back to SLC for a night and headed to California the next morning with a lay-over in Vegas. We had celebrated Mr. N's birthday before we left but it turned out that we went to Disneyland on his actual b-day. It was quite a celebration!
One of our traditions is to get Balboa Bars on Balboa Island in Newport Beach. We are always a spectacle with all of the kids lined up on a bench enjoying their treats. Last year we were photographed for the travel channel.

We like to go to a couple of different beaches. Newport Beach is fun for the boardwalk and shops, Corona Del Mar has great sand and the best bathrooms but the most fun is Crystal Cove which is pictured below. There are lots of tide pools where the kids find all sorts of things including crabs and starfish (and did I mention the shake shack?).

It was a BUSY week but tons of fun. I miss spending time with my family but I am SO glad that we have such a good time together. As the Hub would say "they are the awesomost"!


the speers said...

Um, so fun!! Your sisters wedding looks so pretty! I love the colors...and holy cow, the cookies! :D I'm so jealous you got to go to the beach :( I totally also love how Nick is doing something mysterious in each picture! haha

Anonymous said...

I know and love all those places (though there was one beach I haven't been too). WAs that Becca getting hitched? Crazy how old we're all getting!

susana said...

So much of fun....she is looking so cute in wedding dress..
thanks for share...
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mindy said...

Wow!! You have had such a fun summer! New York, London, out West. How fun! Fun catching up! How's Z liking Kindergarten so far?