Saturday, October 23, 2010

Note to Self:

When wrapping gifts for a child's birthday be sure to purchase gift wrap so you don't have to use last years Christmas supplies.

Also, get some scotch tape so you won't have to rip of small pieces of packing tape to affix the wrap.

And - keep track of your scissors so you don't have to use dull kitchen shears.

That is all.


Allie said...

I will need to apply this vital information to memory as well. I must confess that I have sunk as low as wrapping a gift in tin foil. Thus, I haven't needed to track down the scissors or the tape.

Another time, I wrapped a gift for my dad in a towel secured with a piece of ribbon.

It, unfortunately, has become a running joke in my family that the worst (or in my opinion, most creative) wrapped gift is usually from me.

Anonymous said...

oh, laughing, laughing because this just happened to us last week for phoebe's birthday party. I've solved the problem by buying christmas wrapping that is silver or gold and I spent a whopping 10 bucks on a ton of tape. The scissors, oh man, no matter how many pair I buy, they all get lost in the child vacuum.

Melissa Romo said...

Boy you have it right. I wrapped an adult present in Toy Story paper last week. Oopsie! Love your blog!

Speedlearner said...

And make sure you don't leave sticky residue on your scissors when you're done cutting tape. Otherwise someone may try to use the same pair of scissors to try to cut your hair. Ouch!