Monday, June 16, 2008

Catch Up With My Life

I have neglected my blog up-keep as of late and as school is out tomorrow, and we are off to spend a couple of weeks in Utah, I thought that I should get caught up with the current household happenings.

Here is 'A' - looking a little....colonial.  She went on a field trip to Waterford, a one room school house from the 1800's.  All of the kids dress, and acted to part.  Do I even need to say how cool of a field trip this was? What a cutie!
'N' earned his Wolf and a bunch of patches, belt loops, and pins at May's pack meeting.  He is a great kid, and we are proud of all of the work he has done!  Way to go 'N'!
Here is a photo that will likely be used to embarrass 'Z' in some sort of photographic montage that will be displayed when he gets married.  Either that or it could be used in some form of future blackmail.
Who is that mustachioed man?  Oh yes - the one that we will embarrass and blackmail!
We took a day off school to experience Gettysburg, PA with my brother and his family who were in town for a short visit.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pics of them....and so here we are at the site where President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address.
'N' greatly enjoys his chore of watering the 'plants'.  He is always able to find a way to make things for fun for him, and more lively for the rest of us.
'Z' graduated from preschool, passing all subjects with flying colors.  He is too smart for his (or my) own good!  Congrats buddy!

And now - only time will tell if I am able to blog whilst out-of-town!  Adios to all - unless you live in Utah - in which case - see you soon! 


Chris said...

Have a fun time! Hope you blog at least once there. :-)

Becca said...

Too fun! It's nice to have you back & see you soon!