Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thank You Leslie Blodgett

For your cosmetic product line.
I started wearing Bare Escentuals Mineral Make-Up in January.
A Christmas gift to myself.
For the past six months I have loved it.
But now I realize.
It is - in fact - Escentual. 

And this is why:

Friends come to visit.
From Utah to the Nations Capitol.
I schlep my kids into D.C.
Despite the fact that the thermostat reads 99 degrees.
And humidity is off the charts.
The air we breathe is heavy, hot and moist.
The kids whine and cry because it is so insanely hot, hot, hot.
And our water bottles have long since been drained. 
My hair becomes flat, stringy, style-less and damp.
And the sweat soaks my clothes - which do not dry.
And the sweat pools in my shoes in little puddles. (Crocs)
And the sweat pours from all of my pores.
Dripping from my flesh onto the sidewalk.
But though my face is dripping wet.
My mineral make-up stays in place.

Moral of the story:

On such days I will have to stay in-doors.  
With the A/C happily blowing.
Keeping my mineral enhanced face cool and dry.
Unless someone else comes to visit.
Because for friends and family, I will schlep again.
Despite the oppressive weather.
But I will bring a Costo-sized flat of water.
And I will wear a hat.
Until September.


Kristy said...

Never will soon be in dry Utah and will still have good make up!

Gustogirl said...

I do love mineral makeup. It is awesome isn't it? I have never had to really test it in hot humid heat thankfully, but at this point I wouldn't mind a little heat. I'm freezing!

Chris said...

Moral of the story. Tell friends mid spring and fall are fabulous times to visit. We make the rule, you may come in the summer but you tour on your own. We are fair weathered friends. Literally :-)

Heather said...

Love the make-up and I am not even a foundation girl but I wear it religiously! I take credit for introducing the family it Bare Minerals. If only it would go on sale.