Friday, January 23, 2009

For years, I tried to make fantastic cakes for my kids birthdays. I would research different things and go all out to create some sort of crazy-fun cake for them. Some were good, some were less than good, but for each birthday I would spend a lot of time and energy making sure that my kids had a totally unique and cool cake for their birthday. A few year ago, we were in the bakery of a Super-Walmart and the kids happened to see the book of cakes that were available for special order. They were amazed and awe struck at all the wondrous cakes that a person could choose from. 'N' and 'A' expressed amazement over the cakes and someone said with surprise:

"So this is where these cakes come from! I thought these were only really special cakes that were hard to find. I thought Mom didn't know about them and so she just tried to make any old cake for us."

They proceeded to beg me to 'puh-lease' let them pick out a cake from the book for their birthday because they were the coolest cakes ever and they did not like the kind that I made as much as these extra special creations.

I was reminded of this event yesterday as we went down the Valentines aisle at the local Grocery store............

A: Oh my gosh! Guys look what I found! Real live Valentines!
N: You don't even have to make these!
A: I know, you just write a kids name and sign your name and you are done. These are the coolest Valentines ever!
N: I always wanted this kind!

The kids then proceeded to beg me to 'puh-lease' let them pick out a box of valentines because they were so much more cool that the kind they 'have' to make.

Yep. Each February I pain-stakingly select a fun-for-all crafty valentine that the kids and I can make together.

Apparently I am spending too much time 'making' when there is a perfectly acceptable, and likely favorable, pre-constructed alternative.

Homemade Birthday Cakes: out. Homemade Valentines: out.

I wonder what else in my life can be eliminated. I am sure that offspring would not complain if I quit making dinner and ordered pizza every night.


Tari said...

LOL I'm all about simplifing my life.

Candice Carter said...

That is so funny! Your kids crack me up!! They will one day appreciate how crafty their mother is! Take care!!

Gustogirl said...

We did the homemade card only one year when K was the only child here. Since then we have gone with the store bought kind. At least we try to go all out on the box to collect their valentines in.

Marci said...

Wendy!! You always make me laugh! Thanks for that...I need it!

Becca said...

I should have read this earlier today seeing as I just finished making Ben's birthday party invitations! Miss you! Wish you were here!

Heather said...

I would love one of your birthday cake creations! If only we were closer. Love you and miss you!

Mary Kim said...

Eliminate away, I say. The kids wont even notice for a year or two when you are out of the habit and have no desire to do it anymore and then they start asking about the good old days when mom used to "do things for us." Motherhood! It's a thankless job.

The Carlsons said...

Get that cool cake book you had out the other night and bake girl...they'll thank you for it later.

As for the valentines....maybe a compromise?

chira said...

hahahaaha. kids. at least they tell it to you straight! :D