Thursday, February 19, 2009

Conversations with 'Z'

Me: What do you want for breakfast?
Z: What's on the menu?
Me: Ummmmm - Mini Wheats?
Z: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............
Me: So, would you like some Mini Wheats?
Z: y-y-y, n-n-n-, y-y-y, n-n-n, y-y-y-YES! That was a tough decision!
Z: I need to be rich when I grow up.
Me: Really? Why do you need to be rich?
Z: Cause I need a giant mud pit in my back yard.
Me: Do you need to be rich to have a mud pit?
Z: Yes. Cause where else can my elephant play? I also need an ocean in my backyard for my dolphin. And I need to take the mud pit in the house so my elephant can come in when there is snow but I can't take the ocean inside so I guess I will have to get a salty pool in the basement. I also want a whale when I am rich.
Z: Can I have bubble gum for breakfast?
Me: Nope.
Z: Well, how about sugar free bubble gum? Or cookies?
Me: Aren't you excited for Kindergarten next year?
Z: No. I am excited to go to college so I can get my own pet.
Me: I am excited for you to go to Kindergarten. You will do fun things there.
Z: Oh good! Like going to the pool?
Z: I wish I had my drivers license.
Me: Why?
Z: Because then I could drive my own car and drive to Africa, Greenland, and the North Pole. I would get an Elephant in Africa. I would see if trees grown in Greenland. And I would meet Santa at the North Pole. Maybe Santa will give me a whale for next Christmas.
Me: Where will you put a whale if Santa gives you one?
Z: In a huge pool in the basement.
Me: We don't have a huge pool in the basement.
Z: I know! He will give it to me when I am rich.
Me: How will you get rich?
Z: I will do my best and work hard and get good grades in every school. Then my job will be to train animals, like whales, dolphins, and elephants.
Z: My favorite food is going to be salad, carrots and turkey when I grow up.
Me: Do you like those things now?
Z: Ew! Yuck! I hate salad and carrots. Turkey is okay though.
Me: When are you going to start liking salad and carrots?
Z: When I am 15 I think.
Me: What is your favorite food now?
Z: Chick-Fil-A Food. And corn.
Me: I like this Valentines Day card that Grandma sent you.
Z: I don't like it. Pirates should not be on a pink card.
Me: Well, it's a Valentines Card and pink is a Valentines Color.
Z: Well I hate the card, but I do like the five dollars in it.
And while walking past Victoria's Secret in the Mall
Z: Ugh! Bras! I hate seeing girls in bras!
Me: I know! Close your eyes so you won't see them.
Z: Why can't I just see girls with no bras!?!


Kristy said...

Oh he is too funny! Apparently he is still loving animals.

Becca said...

I miss seeing him and hearing all the crazy things he has to say. He really is a hoot!

Allison and Mason: said...

Haha! My favorite was the last one.

Janice {Run Far} said...

how cute his he..... i love the funny things they say at those fun ages.....

BTW... I am back.... your sister came by my blog and reminded me that I really do miss my old blogging buddies that I use to be so loyal to before we moved to Ky.... Hi!

chira said...

I'm dying...that's so cute!!

Kristy said...

Um.....THere is a new one and it is fantastic! (P.s. I'm at work and it doesn't usually let me comment. Don't know whats going on!)

Gustogirl said...

Cute. What an imaginative kid you've got!!! I bet he keeps things interesting. I know my kids do!

Gustogirl said...

PS. My kids want pets when they grow up too, but even a dog or a cat would be exciting to them because we have a no pet rule around our house!