Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ditching the PSP

Tonight one of the offspring who is OBSESSED with video games (as so many young boys are) amazed me. The hub and I keep a very tight reign on the the amount of time that the boy has with his beloved electronic games. He has to read to earn gaming time - minute for minute, and only can play on the weekends.

BUT - on Thursday nights when I coach 'A's basketball team and the Hub is working late the boys have to come with me. So - I let 'N' play his PSP during practice from 8-9pm if he has earned it by reading.

'N' loves basketball - and his practice time is earlier so he is usually tired by 'A's practice and quietly plays his PSP during that hour. Tonight however - there was a free basket in the gym and I was shocked to see him excitedly ditch the PSP, grab a spare ball and have a great time shooting hoops with a couple friends.

This may seem like no big deal - but I LOVED watching my awesome kid not just voluntarily but excitedly emerge from his electronic world to do something else.

Now I just need 'Z' to ditch his blanket that I let him bring to the practice. On one hand I am horrified that I allow him to bring it. On the other hand - he theoretically should have been in bed and hour earlier and has very poor coping skills. Having him lay on my coat on the gym floor under his blanket seems a better alternative to trying to coach while having to lug around a tired/grouchy/sobbing 5 year old.

After all, I have to deal with a not-so-tired/grouchy/often sobbing 5 year old during all other daylight hours.


Kristy said...

Thats awesome!

Becca said...

I'm plesantly surprised and very pleased... and sad that we weren't there playing with you guys...and wondering why the heck you have to have basketball practice so late!

Gustogirl said...

I have been resisting any gaming systems, but I do know it is inevitable as the kids get a little older. I like you minute for minute reading idea, that is great motivation for them to improve their reading skills. I just may steal it!