Monday, March 16, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A Scatterbrain

Last week, several events came together in one great and public display of my own scatterbrain-ed-ness.

Not bothering to check Mr.Z when we left the house for pre-school, I did not realize that he was wearing his 'favorite floods' (black sweat pants that are too short). Not only are they too short, he likes to roll them up at the waist band, taking a few more inches off the bottom.

Not realizing that I did not have his backpack in my car - he happily took a plastic Target sack (which I found in the back seat) instead.

And within the Target sack was his show-and-tell.

About show-and-tell:

Life was much easier when I was in Elementary school and every friday was show-and -tell day. Now, the kids are assigned different days through out the year. Being a scatterbrain - I can not remember these days.

Usually Mr.Z remembers that he has show-and-tell whilst on the way to school. Consequently, we have found ourselves rummaging through the car for some very 'special', show-and- tell items.

So far he has taken:

*A 'really cool' rock that he found at the park - incidentally, I could not tell what was so cool about it.

*A box of his favorite Girl Scout Cookies (that Mrs.A had sold to someone else which I had to replace for them).

*A drawing that he had made on a program from church (who knows how long that had been under the seat).

And most recently -------- a bottle of Hand Sanitizer.

Now, the Girls Scout cookies were fun - but Mr.Z (who is a little OCD about germs) was way more excited about taking the sanitizer to school.

And so I walked my skipping pre-schooler into the building. He had about 3 inches of ankle exposed - due to the 'favorite floods' - and his Target bag was swinging in sync with his skip, thanks to the weight of the hand sanitizer within.

And there you have a glimpse into one day in the life of a scatterbrain.


Candice Carter said...

Thanks for making me laugh! I am the same way with McKenzie. I am always forgetting what day she has sharing.

Marci said...

I can totally relate! I love it!

Becca said...

Sounds like a pretty normal day to me! And for the record...Ben has a thing with rolling his pants at the waist too, thus resulting in frequent floods.

Gustogirl said...

My son's favorite pair of pants are floods too. I think they must feel like an old friend. Today I wouldn't let him wear them though and pulled off the tags of some pants that are basically the exact same that I had bought for next Fall. Anything to keep him from wearing floods again!! Your story made me laugh!

Allie said...

I know the feeling! Z is so funny! My kid's teachers will ask us to bring in something that begins with a random (assigned) letter. They usually take in something dumb that they couldn't care less about, but starts with the requested letter.

KBO said...

This is a comment unrelated to your post, but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the cookies that Kristy brought me. Not only were they so adorable, but they were delicious! Thanks for sharing them with me! I'm in awe of your talent and creativity! :)

Heather said...

Now that made me laugh!!! I think that you guys are great! Love you!

Brooke said...

Thank heaven other women are willing to admit they are human! We've all been there but some pretend that such things would never happen to them, who are those crazy droids?????

Also, I LOVE that Z loves hand sanitizer and sweats! Bracken is quite a character these days, I will miss watching his little personality develop.