Wednesday, April 29, 2009

busy...busy...too busy...

I have not blogged on over a month. There are many other things in my life which I have not done in over a month as well. As a wife and mom, most of the things that I SHOULD be doing - I am only doing about as half as well as I am able.

So what is sucking up all of my time?


I launched my cookie biz officially in January and it has been quite successful. All other areas of my life have not been successful though and so - after 4 months - I am going out of business.

We don't need the money, but my kids need a Mom, my hubby needs a Wife, and my house need to be cleaned.

I am kind of sad - but relieved.

Other things that I have neglected that I am now looking forward to:

Going to lunch with friends
Going to bed at a reasonable hour
Spending time with my kids when I am not wearing an apron.
Having a clean and organized house.
Spending more time at the gym.
Getting all of the bags, boxes, and supplies off of my dining room table.
Doing ANYTHING for me that does not involve a rolling pin.
Blogging again.

See you soon!


Becca said...

Welcome back. Can you maybe add talking to your sister more often to that list? I miss you!

Marci said...

Wendy! I missed you today. I must say I am excited for you to have more time (for purely selfish reasons hanging out with me). Tough decision. You are so talented, but I think you will find yourself breathing much easier. Love ya.

Kristy said...

You didn't tell me about this! You'll be less stressed and have so much more time! Miss you!

Brooke said...

The world will miss the beautiful cookies but your friends will be glad to have you back! I only wish that I was going to be around to play with you and go to lunch, as was on your to-do list. Although, I guess I'd still have my herd of children, so we'd still be out of luck!

I miss you and was sad you couldn't make it to Audrey's!

Allie said...

I feel like I haven't seen you in ages! Your cookies are fabulous. However, so are your kids, husband, home, gym time, and friends. Tough choice, but looks like you made a good decision. Mainly because I miss hanging out with you and also reading your blog.

Melissa Morgan said...

Wow!! I didn't realize you were so busy with cookies.....doesn't surprise me though, they are amazing. Well I'm excited to be able to read some blog updates's been awhile:)

Candice Carter said...

Bummer! Brett will be so sad!! I'm sure your kids are excited to get their awesome mom back!! Take care!!