Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As I update my neglected blog you might notice that other things have been neglected as well (see previous post). The photographic evidence from 2009 thus far indicates that I took the time to make and photograph cookies though I did not take the time to remember the camera at most of the events that have transpired with my family. Hopefully acknowledgement of my short-comings and redirection of time is penance enough for past transgression.....right?

Valentines Day brought many heart shaped things.....

Every year Nick picks up more tips on how to craft a truly magnificent Pine Wood Derby Car!

Nick and Allie LOVED playing basketball. I was the coach for Allies team (no - I do not have excessive basketball skills but I certain know more that a bunch of 10 year olds - right?). Sadly, the camera did not make it to one game or practice! Zack was not as enthusiastic as basketball. It was difficult for him to transition from soccer, where we had games for all three kids and dutifully cheered for all three kids, to basketball where we only cheered for two of them.


Allie said...

Yay! Updates! Your cookies looked fabulous. They made my Zack get very excited when he saw each different kind you made. He wanted them all. Anyway, now that you are private and I can see your kids names fully spelled out, I was happy to see that you spell Allison, Allie, and Zack the same way we do in our family. Zack's name is the most often misspelled. When he was born and I told my cousin the name and how we planned on spelling it, he complained that you can't change the H to a K. I told him that he of all people had no room to speak. His name is Nicholas and he goes by nicK. I hope to see you sometime soon!

Becca said...

Reading all this makes me glad you're back to blogging and gives me hope to see more pic's of the kiddo's! I miss you!