Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apparently male walrus' are gross...

This morning Mr. Z gave me cause to think with some deep (and poignant) five year old thoughts.

He said:

"You know Mom, nobody wishes to be a male walrus."

I am fairly certain that this assessment regarding the hopes and dreams of humanity was inspired by a maritime program on animal planet this morning. And you know what? I can not fault his logic. In fact, I believe that Mr. Z's insights could potentially help any of us deal with future trials.

Like when I am having a bad day I can say to myself - "Well, Wendy - at least you are not a male walrus..... ."

And then I will probably feel a bit better cause let's face it, Mr. Z is right - nobody wishes for that!


Anonymous said...

laughing my head off--I will also tell myself on hard days--well, at least I'm not a male walrus!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'd agree. I wouldn't want to be a female either, for that matter. Too funny.

Becca said...

That is one funny boy!
And now I can add one to the list.

I bet no one wishes their older siblings would make them drink urine.....

Miss you!

Brooke said...

Z is right, I have never wished to be a male walrus. Though after reading your very insightful post on aging I think perhaps there are times I may rather be a male walrus...I don't look forward to aging.

I sure wish we lived closer and could hang-out! I hope your seeing more of your husband than you used to, I, sadly, am seeing much less of mine. Gotta earn a living but travel is my enemy!!