Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apparently I am accident prone...

Boy rides scooter to school
Mom jogs.
Mom must take scooter home.
Mom rides scooter.
Mom assumes instantaneous acquisition of scootering prowess.
Mom neglects to brake before going over bridge.
Mom is airborne.
Mom is splayed out on bridge.
Scooter lands on Mom.
Mom limps home carrying scooter.
Mom applies direct pressure to gash on leg.
Mom now has scraped and bruised leg - not unlike said boy.


Kristy said...

Awesome. Please post more. I miss it!

Candice Carter said...

I agree with Kristy...... Heal quickly!! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

lol. Oh I can just see it all. I only attempted that once. I was 7 months pregnant and instead of walking the scooter home 3 houses I thought I'd just coast on it. Hit a crack and endoed it, luckily landing on grass. So glad it was dark. It is about time you posted. No more slacking:)