Thursday, November 12, 2009

Apparently I need to do the laundry...

An ingenuitive boy will substitue swimwear for underwear when Mom has been to sick to keep up on the laundry.

And indeed, Mr. Z is ingenuitive.

I seem to have kicked the Killer Cold From XXXX -but October -the WHOLE feverish month of October- was another story.

I think that Mom's should be automatically immune to any illness but ESPECIALLY to a killer cold that lasts for FOUR weeks! One morning, when I was feeling particularly crappy, Mr. N gave me a quick hug on his way out the door to catch the bus and said:

"I hope you don't have the swine flu and die! Bye"!

If that is not love, I don't know what is.

Miss A was very diligent for the whole month to keep a careful distance from me to avoid over- exposure to any of my persistent germs. I have no idea how much antibacterial hand gel she used but I did notice that my rather large supply (I stocked up when there was a bunch on sale) has been depleted.


Anonymous said...

Oh Man, we just started that route this week. We were healthy all October. It hit my oldest and youngest Saturday, another one on Tuesday and two more on Thursday. 3 of us to go. And my daughter and I(2 of the remaining healthy ones) are headed to Denver tomorrow on a tour bus to see Wicked. So we are jugging the Emergen-C and I'm buying a big box of Air-born today. My hubby and I also leave for Samoa next week to visit my parents, so I can not afford to be sick right now. Love the swimming undies.

Brooke said...

Way to get creative Mr.Z! Bracken came home from school the other day and realized that he still had his p.j. bottoms on under his begins too early for my little guy.

Sorry to hear about the month-long cold!