Sunday, November 21, 2010


Miss A: Mom - where do we keep the whiskey?
Me: Well......assuming we had any whiskey why would you want to know?
Miss A: Because I really need it!
Me: I am pretty sure that you are confused about something.
Miss A: No - I just need the whiskey!
Me: What are you talking about?
Miss A: I am talking about that thing you use to mix stuff - I am making muffins!
Me: Do you mean a WHISK?
Miss A: Yes! A whisk! Where do we keep the whisk?

Side Note: Miss A has a thing for whiskey - it is to her credit that in place of the term 'skiwampus' we use the term 'whiskeywampus'.

Second Side Note: Due to our inherent and consistent confusion is probably a good thing that we don't drink.


Anonymous said...

I've been laughing about this post for days now and I just realized I didn't comment. Love your posts. Always make me laugh and love your children. Just found an old photo of me visiting you in Utah a billion years ago. Such a great trip!

the speers said...

Oh my goodness...Wendy--that is SO funny! I love your kids!!

Anonymous said...

your postings give me the best laughs. I love it. I can just see you so vividly having these conversations.