Thursday, December 9, 2010

Modern Interpretation

Mr. Z just asked me to tell him the story of 'the little girl who sits on a stool eating her cottage cheese'.

At first I thought that I had failed in teaching my kids Nursery Rhymes but as it turns out a 'tuffet' is a short stool...and curds and whey actually is cottage cheese.

So - I give you an updated telling of 'Little Miss Muffet' (authored by Mr. Z)

A little girl sat on a stool eating some cottage cheese.
Then a spider came and scared her.

Less lyrical but more concise and less confusing.

I am not sure why this topic is worthy of a timeless poem know by most all children.

Except for mine.


Marci said...

Your family is so cute, and entertaining!

Fright Vault said...

I suspect it was one of those poems invented by children for the express purpose of keeping time while they jumped rope or played patty-cakes. The original is far catchier, I'm afraid you've got it stuck in my head already...

Charisse said...

hahah That is cute. Kids crack me up. Mine asked me the other day (she is 5) why it is inappropriate for a girl to only wear a tank top at school but boys think its ok. That was a long discussion.

I came over from Barefootfoodie after reading your comment on one of her posts about what your grandmother used to tell you about our life phases. And I am stealing it and posting it on my FB cuz I think it's AWESOME!!! But I am totally crediting you. :)

Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

I just hope life was as less confusing as well. We all lead confusing livs.

hapi said...

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