Thursday, December 27, 2007

Apparently my kids sometime DO listen...

Over the Christmas break we have been partying it up in Utah (translation: trying to fit in all the friends and family that we need to see and going a bit crazy while trying to perform the delicate balancing act of making everyone feel loved and appreciated).

This morning I was talking to my Mom, not realizing that Mr. N was listening as he was deep in imaginative play with his new Lego Castle.

Me: Mom, what is in this box?
Mom: A Dart Board that some mutual fund gave Dad. (business gift)
Me: Hasn't it been sitting here for a long time?
Mom: Yes, I haven't ever opened it. Where am I going to put a dart board?
Me: How about the D.I.? (comment made due to the fact that we have been recently discussing how much stuff she has in her house that should be donated to some chartiable facility)
Mom: Well, Dad said that it is the nicest Dart Board that he's ever seen.
Me: I wasn't aware that Dad was keeping tabs on the quality of Dart Boards that he happens to come across.

Mom goes upstairs, I stay down. Mr. N follows his grandma into the kitchen. With his intricate knowledge of all things Harry Potter and Star Wars and a slightly muffled sense of hearing, he asks her...

N: Where is the Dark Lord, Grandma?
Grandma: (only slightly paying attention) Downstairs.
N: Can I see?
Grandma: I don't think so, it's kind of dangerous.
N: Why do you have a Dark Lord?
Grandma: (still not paying complete attention) Someone gave it to Grandpa.
N: Please could I see it?
Grandma: Well, it's taped up in a box.
N: The Dark Lord is taped up in a box in your basement?

I could have sworn that my kids never listen to anything I say. Apparently that only applies to 'clean your room', 'pick up your toys', 'put on your shoes' etc.


Heather said...

I too would like to see the Dark Lord.

Becca said...

Maybe would could rename it the Dark Lord dart board and make up a whole new game of darts centered around the Dark Lord theme. I guess that the down side to this story is that the dart board (along with being the nicest dart board dad has ever seen) has sentimental value which means it will never make it to the DI.