Thursday, December 20, 2007

Apparently I am technologically disabled...

So, I am attempting to join the ranks of those who have passed before me into the realm of technology. Having graduated from college without ever utilizing the Internet, and shortly there-after deciding to stay at home with babies, I have missed out on the past decade of technological advances. And so, with the help of my techno-savvy/college-aged sister, I am launching my blog. How I will do it with out her sitting by my side, telling me which icons to click, is anybody's guess. I may be e-mailing her a lot as I attempt to keep my family and friends apprised of the exciting life and times of the Fishler clan. But heaven help me if we are both on-line at the same time and she tries to engage me in some sort of instant messaging, I don't know if I can handle that!

And so, my objective for this blogging exercise is to share with you the fantastically funny things that my kids do and say. Laughter makes life better, and I would like to share some of mine with you.

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