Thursday, December 20, 2007

Apparently Mr. Z has a flair for revenge...

Recently, Mr. Z has been struggling with the formulation of appropriate responses to situations he deems unfair.

His sense of vengeance has been honed and he swiftly passes verbal judgement on perpetrators whose acts seem unscrupulous, unreasonable, or just plain unfair.

For example, when Shaggy was about to be beat up by bullies on 'Scooby Doo', his response was:

"Well, I'd beat them up!"

Upon leaving church a few weeks ago, Mr. Z came out of his primary class with a troubled look.

Mr. Z: "Did you hear about those guys who hung up Jesus?" (obviously put out by the heresy.)

Me: "Yes, I heard about those guys."

Mr. Z: "Well, I'd hang them up!"


Chris said...

Ok first to comment. Love Zach's statement. Welcome to the blogging world, glad you made it to Utah safe and sound. I hope you are still sane. :-)

Kristy said... I'm proud of you that you already have pictures up! YEAH!!!

Heather said...

Wendy! Welcome to Blogging. I have figured since I don't write in a journal very well blogging is going to be my documentation of my life instead. I am so excited to read and see the photos of your family especially since I don't get to see you very often! Love you!

Chris said...

Merry Christmas!

Kristy said...

Love Ya!