Thursday, May 8, 2008

Melodrama and Son

I was shopping the sale rack at Kohl's today, with my 4 year old tag-a-long when my phone rang.  It was one of my best friends so I talked to her for a while.  I did my best to multi-task while balancing a pile of sale items, herding a small boy (who was not thrilled about shopping), and keeping up the phone conversation.  After talking to my friend I dropped my phone, supposedly into my purse, got in line to pay for my purchases, and left the store.  After making sure that the kiddo (who was overly grateful to leave the store) was buckled up, I took off.  Suddenly, I remember that I needed to get some information to one of my sisters.  So I stopped the car before leaving the parking lot and went to grab my phone.  It was gone! Slightly frantic, I hurried back to the store.  And here was my inner thought process:

*A year ago some degenerate smashed my husbands car window to snatch his cell phone which was laying on the console so surely my phone was gone for good!  
*My i-phone is my calendar, my i-pod, my calculator, my grocery lists, my phone numbers...................and it is in a pretty pink case!  
*What a find for the dishonest person who would surely pick it up from the floor.  The JERK!  
*I would probably find the pink case discarded on the floor by the jerk who stole it!
*I would defiantly have to down grade now - since I can not be trusted with such an expensive phone!
*Now for mother's day I will have to get a new phone, instead of something else that I actually could use.....
*I will have to go back to a paper calendar - I HATE paper calendars......
*I can't believe how dishonest some people are!
*I know some people in law enforcement and when I find my pink case, I can maybe get them to finger print it so see if the criminal who swiped my phone is in the system.....

Z was not happy about getting dragged, at a rapid pace, back through the store.  As I re-traced my steps, eyeballing with suspicion every person that walked past me, this was his monologue:

*Your phone is lost now because you are not responsible.  
*If you would be more careful your things will not get lost.
*We will never find the phone and we will be looking all day, and all night.  We will get locked in here and have to sleep in the store.  And I don't know if they have night-lights here but they definitely do not have my blankie.  
*No one will meet N and A after school and they will be scared and we will be stuck in a store.
*We will be stuck in a store for three days!  And we will die if we don't have food or water for three days you know!

And then, after searching in vain for the pink case on the floor, sure that I would never see my beloved phone again, and repeatedly assuring Z that we were not going to starve to death in Kohl's, I went to the customer service desk, as a last ditch effort.  I was sure at that point that my fears had been realized.  Some jerk had stolen my phone. 

And there is was, lying on the back counter, behind the customer service representative, still in it's pink case.  

So, thank you to the honest person who turned my phone into customer service.  Thank you for reminding me that good a decent people are all around us.

And how in the world did my 4 year old pick up the little tidbit about human starvation?


Chris said...

That is funny. I left mine once in Costco, I think on a counter, when the DH called it someone answered. :-) Glad you got it back and did not have to starve.

Kristy said...

oh my! I was just laughing at that one - tears came to my eyes!

Becca said...

HA HA! I absolutely love your stories! I know that in the moment there really was nothing funny about it, but at least you choose to see the humor in the retelling! I am also really grateful for honest people too:-)

Becca said...

One more thing, I just thought t starving people in Africa was standard preschool curriculum!

Gustogirl said...

Hahaha, isn't it funny that you already thought it would be long gone. I am glad that it wasn't though!!! Your inner dialogue and Z outer dialogue made me laugh!!