Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just To Even The Score

Before I get too generous with the bestowal of points for Virginia (see previous post) I must take into account a phenomenon that we have never before experienced. ALLERGIES. Everyone in the family is suffering in one way or another, due to record high pollen levels.  It is not unusual for me to find my car coated in a fine but visible layer of pollen when it has been parked outside.  I figure that if we can actually see the air born pollens, what we are breathing must be bad. This is Z (who has been effected the most).  He has a chapped face, gets bloody noses, has swollen/oozing eyes/itchy eyes.......and that is after he has taken Zyrtec for a week. We are off to the doc for a prescription!

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chris said...

Poor thing. :-(