Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Memories

With the H out of town the kids did a bang up job of making me feel special today.  A made a sign out of cardboard, hung it up on the glass window and set the table with all of the kids cards and gifts.  By gifts I mean the fabulous things that had been made for me at school, as well as a few items from Target that I gave the kids $$ for purchasing.  
From A: a handmade picture frame embellished with gold jewels holding a picture of her beautiful face and a mini wallet.  
From N: a paper bouquet, a bouquet made out of Hershey kisses, and peppermint foot lotion.  
From Z: A card with removable paper flowers and hot pink nail polish.  

A few notable experts from my cards - 
From Z: (in a fill in the blank card) - My mother is 42 years old (wow, I nearly lost a decade on that one).  My mother's favorite thing to do is clean the dishes(ummmm....right).  I love it when my Mother cooks me meat (and I love to cook it for him).
From N: (fill in the blank chore coupons) This coupon is good for a big hug.  This coupon is good for a good hug.  This coupon is good for a great hug.  (An accurate display of his dislike for work).  
From A: (a poem)
If Mom were in charge of the world,
She'd make everyone obey her, she'd want everyone to be helpful, and she would not want to be "angry mom".
If Mom was in charge of the world,
She'd make everyone complete his or her chore chart, make us help others with everything, and she'd get a bigger kitchen.
She would get free haircuts
Make us not ask for ANYTHING at the store.
If Mom were in charge of the world, her favorite treat would be a vegetable.
And when she calls me ALLISON!
And I get in trouble
She would still be allowed to be
In charge of the world.
(When did this child start taking so many notes on my parenting?) 

I had a GREAT day with three GREAT kids!  They are truly fantastic individuals who do their best in everything.  I can't believe how lucky I am to have them!  


Becca said...

This year was my favorite by far for the homemade gifts. Probably because of the sweet notes and sentiments that are so totally honest and unpredictable. I love your kids-and happy mothers day!

Kristy said...

LOVE IT! I love the poem. I missed you lots today and was glad we got to chat! Happy Mother's Day.

Chris said...

That was sweet. I am glad it was a good day!

Gustogirl said...

Sounds like it was a good day!

Allie said...

I love fill in the blank cards. Andrew made one for me at preschool for Mother's Day. One of the the things he said was, "My Mom's favorite thing to do is GIVE ME LOTS AND LOTS OF JOBS TO DO."

Well, I guess he's right.