Friday, August 8, 2008

Homicidal Heritage

Whilst enjoying the final week of our vacation at my parents cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon the following conversation took place between 'N' and my Mom.  

N: Have you ever been fishing Grandma?
G:  A few times.
N: Did you ever take kids fishing?
G: Oh!  One time I was camping with Heather and some of her friends and we were by a stream when a big truck pulled up and dumped a TON of fish into the water.  Then the truck drove off and we didn't have any fishing poles so Heather jumped into the water and started grabbing the fish with her hands and throwing them up on the bank of the river so I grabbed a big rock and started hitting them on the head with the rock to kill them!
N: (in horror) You killed the girls?!?
G: (confused) I didn't know if they were boy fish or girl fish.....
N: (in a scared whisper) You killed the campers?

Did I mention that 'N' disables his listening skills when the answers to his question are longer than one or two words?

Did I mention that my Mom's exploits are just as hilarious as 'N's?


Becca said...

If you change the story to grand kids instead of campers, and bowling balls instead of rocks, then I think N's interpretation was dead on!

Chris said...

Hahaha. Very cute. Glad you are back!

Allie said...

That is hilarious. I am so glad that your mom was only killing the fish. Regardless of the fish gender, it is so much better than killing the campers!