Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Conversation With My Kids At The Local Target

N: You know that disgusting thing that people do to make babies?
Me: (glancing around to see if anyone overheard) Ummmmm - yes??????
N: I hate that. Especially the part about the shower.
Me: What part about the shower?
N: You know - the disgusting part.
Me: Um - I think that you might be a little bit confused. Let's talk about this when we get home - okay?
N: I am not confused! I just hate the part about the shower!
A: You are confused! You don't do it in a shower. You do it on a bed!
Me: Okay - let's keep our voices down and discuss this at home okay?
N: Fine but I will still hate the shower part. You know. When you get naked and take a baby shower.

Parental Note: Confusion was cleared up at home - where patrons of Target were no longer within hearing distance.


shauna said...

THAT is too funny! It's amazing how many phrases like that can totally throw a kid off. They're so literal (especially in public places, like Target). :)

Chris said...

How funny. I want to be in the store when they strike up a coversation. They are so funny!

Kristy said...

Where did he get the shower part from?

Gustogirl said...

I am so not ready to have that conversation, but I am sure that it is not far off!!!

DeLaina said...

ROFL-Good story! Of COURSE that conversation couldn't occur within th efour walls of your home, or even in the car. At least it wasn't at church.

Sprout said...

You sooo have your hands full with that one!!!