Monday, October 27, 2008

The Basics of A Political Rally

Today The Hub, Z, and I went to a Road To Victory Rally in Leesburg which Sarah Palin attended. After asking a few questions, Z had this insight:

Z: Mom - why do all these people like John McCain?
Me: Because there are a lot of problems in our country and these people think that John McCain can solve some of them.
Z: These guys want John McCain to fix their problems?
Me: Yep

About 30 minutes later on the lengthy walk to the car...........

Z: Maybe John McCain can help me get to the car faster. And maybe he can help me find a bathroom.

And so - if you did not already know - though I have many issues with the Republican party, I support McCain and Palin. To sum up my political feelings in an overly simple way- some citizens truly need government assistance. Most people in the U.S. however, need to take responsibility for themselves and not expect the government to bail them out of situations that have been caused by personal greed and irresponsibility. No one is entitled to be given anything that someone else has earned. The government is a hugely inefficient and corrupt system and I will not ever vote to make it larger or to give it more money. They mess enough things up as it is.

If only our problems could be solved with some directions to the bathroom! (Which I am sure John McCain knows something about, as his age would require him to visit one more frequently.)

(Come on my democratic friends - time for a friendly debate!)


Brooke said...

Ah Wendy, I am waiting for a post about the fun had on Saturday night!!! I'm so jealous!! Oh, and Z and Bracken could have a healthy debate about presidential politics. He (as the rest of our family) is an Obama supporter and is quite vocal about it :)! Too funny!!!

Gustogirl said...

Unfortunately I can't engage in a friendly debate because the stuff you said, I mostly agree with.

Becca said...

Not so much a concerned about a debate, more about a simple questions--does this mean Z is a democrat?

Kristy said...

I love it! And I agree 100%

Mary Kim said...

Amen! I love the simplicity and reality that children bring to attention. No debates here just whoooyaa.