Sunday, October 5, 2008

From Cookies To Vegetables

Z: (bites the head off of his ghost) This is a headless ghost! (takes another strategic bite)
N: Now it is a bum-less ghost! And a crotch-less ghost!
Z: Yeah! He will never be able to go to the bathroom!
N: Oh yeah! Let's name him Elvis because Elvis couldn't go to the bathroom either!
Z: Yeah! Elvis has no bum! Who is Elvis?
N: This singer man who took lots of drugs and couldn't poop and he died on the toilet just trying and trying.
Z: Maybe he should have had some poop pills. Like Dad.
N: If I was Elvis I would eat more vegetables. Lots and lots so I could poop.
Z: Me too. I would sit at the table when I was done singing and eat lots lots of broccoli but only if there was lots of butter.
N: Maybe we need to eat more vegetables......

Who knew that the gratuitous bestowal of Halloween cookies upon my offspring would result is such a thought provoking conversation betwixt 2 brothers. The next time I am tempted to quash the potty talk I will remember that perhaps a valuable lesson can be learned if I allow the less-than-tasteful conversation to play out!


Kristy said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I'm sure that 'M' will love that little fact about him being broadcasted on the internet.

The Cookie Cutter said...

Let it be known that 'M's pills are simply Fiber tablets! One day when asked what he was taking, he replied 'poop pills'. He has read this post and approves of it's contents in their entirety!

Chris said...

That is funny!

Becca said...

Only your boys could come up with that. And tell the hub that we're glad to hear how he keeps himself regular;-)

Carr Family said...

I made my hubby read this entry and just as I thought...he was rolling on the ground with laughter. Quote, "That is the funniest thing I have read in a long long time." The husband.

Brooke said...

Your cookies look amazing! I wonder if I make cookies for my kids if they will decide to eat their vegetables...hmmm. Although, I may not be after regular bowels for my crew quite yet...too many diapers a little irregularity may be mommy's friend.

shauna said...

I remember your cookies from last year. You put us to shame. We suffer from a lack of motivation-itis over here. I make standard, circular sugar cookies and frost them with orange and green frosting (this year we had sprinkles!).

akaemi said...

I almost fell out of my chair, your boys are hilarious! I thoroughly enjoy having 'N' in my class, now I know I'm missing out on some serious 'Z' fun.