Sunday, April 4, 2010

Apparently the Easter Bunny sparkles...

You remember Mr.Z? The kid who had trouble believing in Santa this past December because the red clad, jolly, rotund man at the mall had gold zippers on his boots? Well - it seems that the Easter Bunny is subject to no such scrutiny.

Me: Hey - Mr. Z?
Z: What?
Me: Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?
Z: (thoughtful) Hmmmm. A giant bunny who lays plastic eggs filled with candy? Hmmmm................(with strong conviction) Yep! I believe in him! You know when he hops he leaves sparkly stuff on the ground! That sure is cool!

I don't know who decided that a candy bearing rabbit was a good way to celebrate the birth of Christ, but I would like to thank them. My kids are getting too old too fast and all too soon our holidays will lack the sweet innocence of childhood.

Here is to the Easter Bunny in all of his plastic egg laying, sugar-ific, sparkly glory.


Anonymous said...

oh, I'm still smiling. I love your Mr. Z. We didn't even have time to discuss easter (pagan or religious), just had enough time to slap down old Halloween buckets and caldrons (the baskets somehow disappeared in the move) with some nasty peeps and jelly beans. The kids looked at the loot and said, Ick.

We need to work up both sides of easter for next year that's for sure!

Marci said...

That is too funny! I miss you!