Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today I took 'Z' to lunch at Wendy's for an oh-so nutritious kids meal.

The following is his description of how to make a chicken nugget.

"First you stab the chicken.  Then cut the chicken.  Then pull the chicken out of the feathers. Then you get the nugget shells.  You put the chicken in it.  You make it brown.  You make it yummy."

He then took a big bite and said, "Mmmmmm.  Nuggets are chickeny."

Part of the reason that I found this so amusing was that his carnivorous musings are in stark contrast to the feelings he recently expressed towards members of the animal kingdom.  (The following text is from my spring break blog of a few days ago.)

'Z' cracked us up when we went into a Powhatan hut and found a large pile of animal pelts

Z: (In shock and horror, with tears in his eyes) Who has done this!?
Me: (brief explanation of the many reasons that Native Americans needed to use animals)  
Z: (tearful and horrified) Is this a puppy?
Me: (trying not to laugh) No, it might be a fox.
Z: (alarmed) A cute little fox?
Me: (quickly) Maybe it's a deer.
Z: (tearing up) Not a deer!  

I believe that his environmental emotions are spent only on the furry members of the animal kingdom.  Chickens, are not so lucky.  

He has also expressed great dislike for piranhas.   


Kristy said...

oh i just love when my nuggets are chickeny!

Shauna Belknap said...

My kids are fickle about the whole animal/food relationship too. The other day Leah asked when the pigs would come out of her stomach (we were eating hotdogs). When I told her that wouldn't be happening she had a meltdown and informed me she would never eat hotdogs again.

Thanks for wishing me a Happy Easter! I've missed reading your blog! :)