Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Madjalooked Me

Z: (very tearful) 'A' madjalooked me!
Me: (very confused) What did she do?
Z: (crying) She madjalooked me!
Me: (trying really hard to decipher what he is saying) I don't know what that is.
Z: She pointed her finger at my shirt and said 'what's that' and when I looked she madjalooked me!"
Me: Oh....she made-you-look huh?
Z: (crying on my shoulder) I hate madjalook!

I thought that it was humorous that he was so upset over such a silly thing, but it was his interpretive vocabulary that really cracked me up. This small exchange got me to thining about 'N', who of all my kids, has had the most interesting linguistics. A few of my favorites from his vacabulary past are:

Kinky Toys (tinker toys)
Prey Goop (play group)
Jovest (Joseph)
Chapitch (ketchup)
KaChicken (ka-ching - his term for money)
Police Naughty Dog (Feliz Navidad)

I also have good memories of both 'N' & 'A' calling out: "I'm all alonely" whenever they found themselves alone in a room.  (This was especially humorous because at the time, we lived in a 1200 square foot town house which kept us pretty cramped.) 

With my first child, I tried my best to correct her language as she learned to speak. By my third round of parenting, I have been sad as he figures out, and then changes his idioms. He is my last child, and he is growing up - fast.

Sometimes when I look back at pictures from years earlier, when my kids were younger, it occurs to me that I probably missed out on enjoying a lot of different and wonderful 'little' things. This is largely due to the fact that It is very easy for me to get wrapped up in the trials and dramas of being of Mom. Perhaps having my first two children 13 months apart added to my inability to 'stop and smell the roses' back then as well.

I have been trying harder, as of late, to stop and enjoy my kids more - and worry less over the things that are not perfect. I am grateful to have been blessed with three insanely great kids. (Great being the first operative word and insane bringing up a close second!) This pic is my kids, 4 years ago. I miss their little selves!


shauna said...

I'm trying to remember this daily. I get so caught up in my mamadrama that I forget. Leah used to say (now I'm having a hard time trying to remember), "I never BE-seen that" as in "I've never seen that before." She'd slip the BE in just about everywhere, and I thought it was the cutest thing. They do grow up super fast.

Love the pictures of the kiddos.

bretzcandi said...

Some of my favorites were from Maddie....

cuscusting: disgusting
annoring: annoying
Bakenzie: my daughter McKenzie ( I was very sad when she began to say it correctly)

bretzcandi said...

.......and till this day all of my kids still get mixed up with potato and tomato. Example: I don't like mashed tomatoes.


Candice - My kids still do the potato/tomato thing too!

momof4kids said...

I just noticed that it keeps going back to bretzcandi.... I sound like a hooker.... Oh well, what do you do;0)

momof4kids said...

Abviously I am doing something... I just like to keep people on there toes.

Heather said...

That was super funny! I needed a good laugh. Thanks! Love you and love your kids!

Kristy said...

Haha! Love it. Don't forget "ami" for blanket and "a-shoot" for lotion. So funny.

Janice said...

Isn't it just so much fun trying to figure out what they are saying?

Allie said...

Maddie used the word "fok" often when she was two and we would be out driving. I was concerned that she may be picking up bad language from my teenage brothers friends. However, one day when we were out and I pointed out a fox running along the side of the road, she corrected me with, "No, Mom, FOK. Just one." I must admit I was quite relieved. Maddie also had a familiar 'Feliz Navidad' she thought it was 'Fleas Naughty Dog.' Zack can't pronounce Zachary. He refers to himself as Zackagee. Maddie is in second grade and occasionally still says "avil" instead of "able."

Tari said...

I actually think I'm getting better by the third one. I enjoy every min with him. He's so stinken cute.
I love how you all can write out how they say words every time I try my mind draws a blank, I think I failed phonics class.