Thursday, September 18, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter - OR - Blast From My Past

During the summer of 1989 I was in between 8th and 9th grades when my family decided to take a cross country road trip so that we could participate in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.

Because I was fourteen, I had a wee bit o' attitude. Because it was the eighties, I also had a strange sense of fashion.

My trademark attitude was incredibly-uninterested-in-family-togetherness. My trademark look included a small braid going down one side of my head that was secured at the bottom with plastic pony beads and a bandanna which I rolled up and tied around my ankle. (See picture below of disinterested lounging teen with blue bandanna.)

Too bad I don't have the pic of me (and my bandanna) sitting on the sidewalk in Williamsburg, Virginia giving my photographer/Dad a look that would have landed me in my room if we had been home.

Recently I was showing 'A' my photo albums from The Hill Cumorah Pageant. She noticed my special use of the bandanna and said:

"Oh! That is SO cool! I think you have some bandanna's - can I use them to do that?"

I agreed because let's face it - I did look incredibly cool and only a very cruel mother would deprive her pre-teen daughter of this neat-o fashion oportunity.

She hasn't executed this stellar look yet but this morning she asked me to try something new with her hair. She requested a small braid on one side - secured with plastic pony beads at the bottom (she has never seen photos of me with this 'do' and I have never told her about it)! Lucky for her I have maintained my tiny-braid-pony-bead skill set, and I have many bandanas in wide array of colors as I use them to 'Aunt Jamima" my super short hair at the gym! Lucky for me she seems to have inherited my past sense of fashion, but thus far there is no indication of my past attitude.

(I will post a photo of her hair do after school - and maybe I will let her use my pink bandana as well!)


Allie said...

I love reading your blog! This entire post was awesome (as usual). I hope to see all the youth sporting bandanas at the ankle as a new trend.

Becca said...

I love A is following in that oh so special fashion trend....but also, I love that she still thinks you are cool enough to copy:-) I don't know if I'll ever get that compliment from my daughter.

And by the way, who is the girl in that picture with black shirt and pom pom hair--she looks special too! And I can't be sure from the scenery but I was wondering if you were visiting Mt. Heatherous on the day this particular picture was taken!

Heather said...

I also tried to follow in your footsepts with your fashion ideas. However nobody beats the cinnamon roll hair do that I invented.

Kristy said...

What about HUGE BANGS!?!?!? So funny. I hate that the 80's are coming back so strong. Somethings are good....the 80's in general are not.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, I remember that bandana around the ankle! I think I even wore on with you during pageant! Oh, man we had so much fun. You were one of my kindred spirits. I love that nothing has changed. What are you doing with your life? I love keeping up with you life thru the good old blog. You're kids are awsome!