Friday, September 26, 2008

My Buddy

Because I unintentionally birthed my first 2 babies just over one year apart, child number three is further in age from his older siblings. While 'A' became a big sis at the age of 1 year, 1 month, and 12 days - 'N' did not become a big brother until the age of 4 years and 4 months. 'Z' will not ever become a big brother despite his periodic questions and comments like: "when are you going to get another baby in your belly?" or "When another baby gets in your belly you will be a big fat Mom - so I won't sit on your lap!" and "When we get another baby do I have share my blankie - because I will hate that baby!". 

My little guy will turn 5 next month - and because 'N' started school 4 years ago - 'Z' has been my solitary buddy and side-kick for nearly his entire life. He still has one more year until Kindergarten but is busy this year with preschool.  
While dropping him off at preschool gives me the selfish pleasure of a few child free hours - I am phasing into a new time of life - which is bittersweet. 
Next year I will wave goodbye to my little buddy as he leaves on the school bus with his 4th grade Big Bro.  Sis will be in middle school then, which another crazy phase all together!

So - this school year I will commit to having fun with my baby. Except I will not publicly call him that as he as told me "don't call me cute things - because it is so much embarrassing!" 

This year is the end of being a mom with little kids.....which brings on mixed emotions - 
do I sigh wistfully, 
shed a few tears, 
or start planning a rockin' PARTY!?

Helping me attach new knobs to the kitchen cabinets.

Does this child:
A: have confusion with the terms 'under' and 'on'
B: misunderstand the proper use of a lawn chair
C: suffer from exhaustion during the final leg of soccer games

Showing off his sense of style - flip flops, summer p.j.'s, 
and a winter coat to combat the mild rain.
This kid goes after a slice of watermelon the way that I dig into a pan of warm brownies!

                                            Hmmmmmm - I have no words for this one.......

                                                   JUST GOTTA LOVE HIM!!!


Becca said...

Love him too!

DeLaina said...

Too cute! You'll have to let me know which way you decide to go-big, fat, childless party or sniffling and missing...I'm already counting down the days, er, years, til Emi is in school all day:-)

Sprout said...

Happy to be Birthday next month and you are sure welcome for your blankie!

Kristy said...

So cute! He is so funny!