Saturday, September 13, 2008

General Update and A Parental Check List For Next Weeks Soccer Marathon

Before school started we spent a day in Baltimore. This was a sloppy second for the kids as we had planned on going to Busch Gardens but we had to call the 'game' on account of rain. We spent time at the Harbor, had seafood, went the the National Aquarium, and did a drive by of Charm City Cakes (for those of your familiar with Ace of Cakes).

Shopping for school necessities and supplies is becoming as expensive an event as Christmas! Thank goodness we have a great Outlet Mall in nearby Leesburg! My Dad was definitely right - it costs a lot to keep kids in shoes!

'N' and 'A' looked great for their first day back at school (3rd and 5th grade respectively). I still have one more year to hang out with 'Z' as his 5th b-day isn't until October - he is looking forward to the start of preschool and is the envy of his big bro and sis as he is still allowed to sleep in!

My friend and I went to a slammin' rally for McCain and my girl - Sarah Palin. I LOVE her - and so, by extension - I think that McCain is pretty okay too. I have much to say on the topic of our upcoming election and the suitability of the primary candidates - but that song and dance will have to wait for another post. (better photos coming soon)

Next week during our three hour stint at the soccer field I will bring the following:
1. A beach umbrella for shade
2. A cooler filled with ice, fruit, and many COLD drinks
3. Chairs for all five family members
4. Sunblock
5. A blanket to spread on the ground
6. Lunch
(I would add a battery operated fan but such a purchase would break my new goal of only buying things that are on my 'need' list)
Next week I will not:
1. Let my self nor any of my children get a sunburn
2. Have nothing to sit on but a blanket
3. Have nothing to drink but HOT water by the second hour
4. Mooch a chair off of my neighbors
5. Have three hungry, hot and tired kids


Becca said...

Love the new look.

Love the soccer uniforms. (And N's soccer hair)

Love the Soccer to-do list--I went back and forth between our car and the field at least 4 times during the game scavaging for food and supplies.

The kids look great in their first day of school duds!

Still want to hear more about the rally!

Miss you!

Chira said...

holy cow, you're busy! how cool is that that you got to go to a rally--so awesome! you're kids are so cute in their soccer uniforms--good luck with the games this next week!!

ps..i didn't "get" to go to Germany because it was for, tickets were like 7 grand or something like that....pocket change, right?! :D

Kristy said...

I didn't know all three of them were playing! They are so adorable.

Heather said...

I love Ace of Cakes and I think that it is fun that you got to do a "drive by." I am also a big fan of Sara Palin, have you hear her take about individauls with disablities! Of couse after that comment I jumped on the bandwagon. Love you and miss you!

Gustogirl said...

Good goals!! I hate it when I go unprepared with the kids and other more prepared moms have to "pitch in" to help me out. Cute shoes too!!!