Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Hair Cut!

After reading my friend Audrey's recent post, and then my blog friend Shauna's post, I had a thought: which will now follow -

Like many women, I struggle with body image issues and weight loss.  I am not a giantess, in need of surgical or professional intervention, I am simply one of those who would like to loose 10 (or more) pounds.  I am also simply one of those that does not loose weight - because I like my treats (and other good foods but sugar is the primary culprit).    

I am also the type of person who wishes to benefit from immediate gratification, which goes well with my desires to sample tasty snacks but is quite inharmonious with my desires to loose some poundage.  

One solution to my lack-of-weight-loss depression, I have found, is a really great hair cut and color.  I look better, right away (provided I go to a trusted professional), and so I feel better about myself.

And I have found the perfect stylist to fix my neurosis.

Every time I go in she chats up a storm - mainly about how great I am.  

I tell her a story - she goes on and on about how funny I am.  She tells me about an issue in her life, I offer my 2 cents on her situation - she goes on and on about how smart I am.  She tells me how beautiful my eyes are, how great my skin is, how she likes my shoes, my purse....etc.  Even if I show up in my work-out gear she tells me how cute and 'sporty' I look and asks me about my exercise regiment - then goes on and on about how smart I am to fit exercise in to my busy life, and on and on about how fit I must be and about how cute I will be at the gym with my new Do.  

And most importantly - she tells me that I am looking thin.  She never makes a direct comment about it - no, she is crafty and knows that it will sound superficial.  She saves this compliment and slides into the conversation in different places, never dewlling on the topic, glossing over how fabulous my body is, and the she moves artfully on to her next battery of compliments.

And so - in short - I love my stylist.  As much as I love cocoa almonds from Trader Joes, or a cheeburger cheeburger mint oreo shake, or those chocolate m&m's pretzles from.....well - never mind.....  

The point is, whenever I am down about my physical appearance, an appointment to go see my stylist provides a quick mood fix.  I come out feeling like a million bucks - every time.  I don't know how her other clients feel - but she sure gets a generous tip from me - the girl is my motivator, my life coach, my therapy.  And gives me a good cut and color to boot.


Kristy said...

Ahhhh....that was one very sad thing for me about Snarlz closing. I loved loved loved Cheryl and had the same "I'm great" feeling when I'd walk out of there. Did you get a new cut? Pictures please!

On a side note....I've recently given up sugar because I've gained those extra lbs since Easter. That will probably last until I go on the trip to CA. Oh well....i've been good so far.

Becca said...

I hope you know that I think you're amazing too and I just wish I could be there for a stand in on those days where you just can't get your hair cut. Love ya!

The Carlsons said...

You have to love a great hairstylist. They are worth the fortune you pay because they do make you feel so good. Plus you have fabulous hair, haircut and color.

You're friend becca is a true friend. That was an awesome comment.

Plus, I think you're awesome too! Don't give up the sugar....moderation in all things....


Melodrama Mama said...

Okay - if I sounded too depressing in this post -sorry! I was mostly making fun of myself - if I alarmed you with my 'depressing' talk I apologize! And thanks for the kind words!

shauna said...

I'd say post a picture, but that would make me a hypocrit because I have always been too chicken to post pictures of myself in all my frumpiness. Good for you, and next time I just might drive all the way to visit your stylist! :)