Sunday, April 6, 2008

The West Wing

Thank you, Secret Service Agent X.

Thank you, for the comprehensive tour of the West Wing.

Also, thank you for offering my fidgety children some chewing gum to help them cope with the slowly moving tour group in front of us.

Yes, thank you for kindly thinking of three young children.  

But perhaps chewing gum is not the best distraction for a child.

Especially a child of 4.

So please apologize to the President of the United States.

Or to whomever has to scrape the gum off the carpet in front of the Oval Office.

But like I said, Thank You!

Today, we had a fantastic and informative experience touring the West Wing of the White House with the Hub's cousin John, who lives nearby, and my sister Heather who is here for a fun-fun visit.  The Hub is traveling again, otherwise he would have conducted the tour - and likely not have offered any gum.  Aside from the now infamous 'trident fiasco', and being kindly kicked out of the rose garden in order for the first family's dog's to have some outdoors time, it was FANTASTIC!  

*I actually removed most of the sticky substance myself - and have resolved to stick (ha-ha) to the 'you-may-only-chew-gum-while-sitting-at-the-kitchen-table' rule.


Chris said...

Looks like fun! I am sure no one will notice the gum. :-)

lacy said...

Sisters visit, how fun! I'm jealous. I'm jealous because I want a visit with my sisters, but I also want a visit with your sister! Sounds like the tour was great. I couldn't really tell from the pictures how it was because whoever took them for you did a less than wonderful job. (Honestly, 1 and 3 are alright, but the 2nd picture is really terrible- you are all more adorable than that!) I can say that because I'm a picky photographer. :) Have fun with teach.

Heather said...

NOTE: our tour guide, Secrect Service Agent X is responsible for the quality of the photos.

Janice said...

oh man that is funny-

Natalie said...

found your blog through delaina. great to see what you're up to! coming to visit the old neighborhood anytime soon??

shauna said...

That is too. funny. And so something that would happen if I were to tour the White House with my three children.