Monday, November 24, 2008

Another whaaaaaat?

I have some great conversations with 'N'. To recall a few:
Dart Board/Dark Lord
The Disgusting Facts of Life
Bird's and Bee's at Target
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Elves vs. Doorfs

And here we go again......

N: Are all terrorists Muslim's?
Me: No, many of them are, but not all.
N: So in the next Harry Potter movie why is Professor Snape called the Half Blood Prince?
Me: Because his dad was a regular guy and his mom was a witch. His Mom's last name was Prince so he called himself the 'Half Blood Prince' because he had half of his Mom's blood.
N: And is that why he was half bad and half good? Because his Dad was bad and his Mom was good?
Me: Well we don't know what kind of man his Dad was. Professor Snape was a complicated character because he had made some bad choices but then he tried to make up for them by working with Dumbledore to defeat Voldemort.
N: Well I though he was half bad because he was half Muslim.
Me: Whaaaaat?
N: Half blood Prince, Half blood Muslim.
Me: You mean half blood Muggle?
N: Oh......Yeah.....Nevermind.....Muggles aren't terrorists.


Becca said...

How could you not love that kid? Miss you!

Chira said...

that is too cute!!! i'm totally laughing!

Family ala Carter said...

Thanks for checking out my Blog..... Brooke helped me set it up on Friday. There is still a lot I need to learn! Take care you!

Candice Carter said...

I love reading about things Nick says.... He cracks me up! I added you to my blog!

DeLaina said...

K I just updated my blog. Your turn! I miss your funny posts!