Friday, February 15, 2008

Candy Free/Tabloid Free Grocery Check-out

It sounds like a great idea - right?  

You be the judge.  

I was at the local grocer's today and though I had no kids with me (a rare and fantastic feat) I ended up in the newly advertised 'candy and tabloid free' check out.  

You may be wondering what the hierarchy of the grocery store chose to fill the empty shelving units where candy and tabloids once resided.

Any guesses?

It was a vast selection of trashy romance novels!  There were numerous salacious titles, complete with illustrated covers depicting barrel chested, lusty looking men and scantily clad, rather voluptuous women.

I had a difficult time selecting my personal favorite but it came down to either 'Wicked and Wild' or 'Pirate's Pleasure'.    

Because I was there with my Mom we laughed at the irony, but If my kids had seen any of that I would have been livid.  

We complained to the management. What were they thinking? 


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Seriously, WHAT were they thinking???? What did the manager say? That is just ridiculous! Sheeesh!



Hey Melody - The store 'manager' was a twenty something guy who said he would speak to the person in charge of books. I am going to go back to the store today and if they are still there I am writing a letter to corporate.

shauna said...

That's CRAZY! What's the point? I have to say--Ew!

Becca said...

While I find this quite funny--I am glad that you complained! By the way, what was mom's favorite title?