Monday, February 4, 2008

Ode to the Loudoun County Department of Sanitation

Today was trash removal day - and I forgot. 

I was eating toast.                                

You were collecting trash - I heard you from the kitchen.

By the time I got outside - you were half way down my street.

But you saw me coming.

You waited for me.

I ran to you - in my pajamas.

And flip-flops.

Dragging my trash can behind me.

You sat on the back of the truck - and watched me run.

You did not laugh - too much.

You took my trash.

My green can is empty again.

Thank You.  


Pennies In My Pocket said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA I absolutely LOVE this post! If only everyone could be this kind. :) hehehe Kind of starts your week off right, huh?

Thanks for the super duper nice comment on my blog! :) That started off my week just right, too!


Chris said...

How funny. You are very creative with your writing. There was one holiday, I think it was Christmas, the garbage trucks came, when we did not expect it. The whole neighborhood was running outside in PJ's and slippers to get the garbage out. Some shirtless(men only). One in her pink bathrobe and pink fuzzy slippers. I too, was there in my PJ's trying to get the garbage out. I think we can all relate to "Ode to" insert sanitation name here. :-)

Chris said...

PS Took me a minute to recognize the music matching your post. I did notice the we are family, amazing race theme cracks me up. You are a quick learner. :-)

Janice said...

LOL- that is so funny, I think it is so funny because I can totally relate. If I don't have my garbage out by 7am then forget about it. And my garbage man is not so nice. I am just picturing you running after him in flip flops, (oh how I miss flip flop season, to cold in Vernal) and pulling the garbage, making my day, not because I am making fun of you, I just so see myslef as well.


Janice - It is most deffinately not flip season in Virginia! I was spoiled by living in southern CA for five years and I have never given the footwear up. My motto is apparently convenience over warmth!

Tonks Family said...


Janice said...

I so agree with the convienence over warmth, my problem is that here where I live, we have had so much snow this year, i can't stand wet cold feet. But you better believe that when this snow decides to melt, The flip flops are coming out.
P.S I love Southern CA

Becca said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there to see that!

Gustogirl said...

Oh, I have so had this experience! Not in my current house though, the garbage collector comes while I am still snoozing in bed. So if I forget, it is an extra week of trash I have to cram into the bin!

Allie said...

Hilarious! Ben is in charge of taking the trash out. Usually I startle awake to the sound of the garbage trucks. It's kind of like on the movie Home Alone when the mom sits up suddenly and yells, "KEVIN!!!" Only I'm yelling "TRASH!!!" 4 out of 5 times Ben forgets to take it out in time and is running through the house rounding it up while I am hoping and praying he makes it in time so we don't have to turn our garage into a make-shift landfill for another few days. I loved Zach's pictures by the way.