Friday, February 29, 2008

February In Review

#1 & #2- N won the award for 'best workmanship' in the Pine Wood Derby. Perhaps we should mail his certificate to the company that pre-carved the car form and sold it at the craft store where I bought it! #3- I chopped my hair in a radical new do. Since moving here, I have learned that long, thin hair can be teased into looking good in Utah, but looks like junk when exposed to humidity. I progressively chopped 10 inches off over the last 6 months. Usually, when it is short I keep it in a clean bob, so this is a bit extreeme. I may have to go back to the salon and conservative-it-up. What do you think? #4- Our chocolate covered Strawberries from Valentines Day. #5-This is the magnet board that I made for a school fund-raiser for the elementary school. #6- We were treated to several ice storms. I now understand the severity of freezing rain and the subsequent foreclosure of schools based on the probability of said weather phenom.

February Quotes From My Kids:
N: Rules are dumb.
A: Could you be more suspific?
Z: If Dad is dead can we get a dog?
Z: I don't get it. Why do they call it a fur-og? There is no fur on it. Only green
Z: We like good boys and good skunks. The kind with out any stink in them.
A: I would give up my I-pod if we could move back to Utah.
N: I wish I was Davey Jones - just not so tentacally.


shauna said...

I like your haircut. I've never had the guts to cut my hair short, but it would make life much easier. And that magnetic board is so cute!

Chris said...

Keep the haircut! It is very hip, chic, whatever the latest word is, I like it.

Janice said...

Those strawberry's look so good, and the hair is adorable

Tonks Family said...

I love the new do 459 and 70 and 4. That's pretty good in my book! Tres chic and ooh-la-la!

I had to have mine short in Ohio b/c it was so thick and it got wavy-not gorgeous Reina wavy, but nasty frizzy-I-fell-asleep-with-my-hair-wet wavy.


Gustogirl said...

The hair looks great!!! All in all looks like a good February!! That makes me want some chocolate covered strawberries!

Kristy said...

So...did the "Can we get a dog..." comment come during a similar situation to the "If dad dies can we get a cat" discussion?


Yes Kristy, though I am opposed to pets - Matt is more. So I blame it on him when the kids want a cat or dog.