Sunday, February 17, 2008

Presidential Weekend

Mom and I decided that the best possible way to kick off our President's Day weekend was by visiting Mount Vernon, the family home of George Washington. Once we arrived (after getting a bit lost on the -267 E-495 S-95 N-1 S- freeway combination) we had a great time!

We visited with Martha, but sadly never touched bases with George - we spotted him from behind though - he looked pretty good for 276 years old!

When asked their favorite aspect of our outing the kids replies were as follows.

N: "Fort Necessity was awesome. It was soooooo bloody."

Fort Necessity was the British Fort under Washington's command during the French and Indian War. The museum on the estate grounds had a miniature diorama of the carnage at the Fort after the British/Colonists were attacked by the French/Indians. It was indeed, bloody.

A: "I liked going into the Mansion House because it was really big. Way bigger than our house - which is not very big, you know.

Well, here is a big fat apology to my daughter for moving her across the country where real estate is just plain e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e. She has her own room, so she can go sit in it, and mope about our diminutive real estate holdings.

Z: "I thought I liked Martha, but I don't. She was fake. I liked nothing. Mount Vernon is boring. I like the dogs in the parking lot.

Happy President's Day!


Kristy said...

HAHAHA!!! SO so typical of all three of them! Love it.

Janice said...

So fun, my little brother served his mission in the DC south mission and I went with my dad (8 years ago) via train from provo to DC to pick him up. We were able to go to Mount Vernon. I love all the American History.

Chris said...

Fun that you could go and visit. I love the response from each child. They are funny. The only time I've been to Mt Vernon was on a field trip with a bunch of 3rd graders. :-)

shauna said...

Oh, the perspective of a child. My oldest son would have loved all that carnage. And my youngest son would have loved the dogs in the parking lot (and my daughter would have been totally unimpressed by the "outfits.")

Allie said...

Those kid quotes were fabulous. I'm glad that you have them recorded for the day that your kids take their own children to Mt Vernon.