Friday, January 25, 2008

Dissed and Missed

When we were kids, two of my sisters (Becca and Heather) composed a musical masterpiece.  The crux of their ballad was that they wished to be magical in order to turn our Mom into a pie - so they could eat her.  (Mean old Mom - she must have done something awful.)  Now my own child is using imaginary magical vengeance on me.  He had been asked to pick up his room but was instead, playing with a plastic Harry Potter wand.

Me:  Hey Z, you are supposed to be cleaning your room - why don't you use some magic to make this mess disappear. 
Z:  (who paused his spell making to give me the stink eye - see picture) I wish this was a real wand with real magic.  Then I could dis-you-appear!

I took the wand and forced him to finish his task - earning myself a few Mean Mom points.  
Later, at dinner Z and I were going through our standard I-don't-want-to-eat-this-dinner-then-you-won't-get-the-delicious-desert battle when he angrily stated: 

Z: I wish I didn't have any Mom.
Me:  (with wounded soulful eyes) Oh!  I would miss you so much.

His anger dissolved, his eyes filled up with moisture and he started sobbing.

Me:  What's wrong?
Z:  I will miss you too!


shauna said...

What a character! And you spell his name just like we spell our Zack's name. "Dis-you-appear." That's too funny. (And thanks for visiting my blog--I'll definitely be returning to yours!)

Chris said...

Ok, you should write a book. Those stories are so funny! Very cute. Happy Birthday!

Becca said...

I don't know where your kids come up with half of what they say, but I am glad they do because I really enjoy the good chuckles they give me!