Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Blues

I had this brilliant plan two weeks ago to quit taking a 'kids activity bag' to church.  With my youngest at 4 I figured that we could downsize a bit.  No snacks, one activity book per child, blank paper, and colored pencils all fit nicely in my large purse.  I tried it out last week, and found that it worked like a dream - except for the fact that I had left my cell phone in the bottom and it rang (Kristy) mid way through Sacrament Meeting.

Fast forward to this week - I brought my bag/purse again, deposited the kids on a row with my friend (still no Hub - thanks again, Chris) emptied the kids contents for them, then took my purse with me, to the stand.     

Did I forget to mention that with all the drama of the week - the icing on my figurative birthday cake was that I had to speak in Sacrament meeting?  (The icing on my literal cake was a butter cream.)  

I could have sworn that I turned the darn phone off, but....

I spoke, it went as well as any talk could go - I sat down -rest hymn - next speaker - AND my cell phone starts ringing (Heather) from within my purse which was under my chair.
I have the ring tone set to this really great blues riff, which is neither reverent, nor quiet - thusly quite inappropriate background music for the speaker.  I didn't want to pull it out of my purse to turn it off, as that would draw more attention to the noise and it's source, so I shoved it further under my chair, hoping that no one would notice.  The people in the front row seemed to pick up on something, but fortunately the sound seemed not to have traveled beyond their range of detection.

So, other than the bishop who was looking around in surprise (both counselors were out of town today), the two youth speakers who were covering their mouths trying not to laugh, the speaker who visibly tensed up for the 30 seconds of hopefully unidentified noise, the organist who kind of 'tsked' from behind, and the occupants of the entire front row, no one noticed.

Da-da-da-da-da.  (Jazz riff)


Kristy said... is always helpful to turn your phone OFF before you go to church. I find that it is very effective to avoid such embarassing situations! Hahaha. Jk. (But for real, it totally works) Also...will you please respond to my email? Thanks!

Chris said...

So I wondered why you disappeared under your chair for awhile. No one heard it in the back. You did look a little uncomfortable. Did I tell you the story about my cell phone ringing during ward council? It was Carrie Underwood, Before he cheats.

Janice said...

Oh my gosh, how mortifying. Maybe next week you can set your ringer to something like 'I'm Bringing Sexy back' (Justin Timberlake) or maybe something more appropriate like 'Jesus take the wheel' (Carrie Underwood). I am certain your Bishop and the rest of the ward would understand.

This was super funny.

Becca said...

You failed to mention this juicy tidbit when we talked earlier today. Also, to keep up with the trend, I plan on calling you next week during sacrament meeting--what time works best for you?

shauna said...

Oh, now that's a good sacrament meetings story (and I thought I had good ones). In fact, if I had a sacrament meeting story award I would totally give it to you!