Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Apparently Pirates drink Coke...

While in Utah over Christmas break, I purchased four very large magnet boards. One for a fundraising project for Mr. N's school class and one for each of my kids rooms. Traveling home with these boards was a challenge (please see previous post - traumatic travel - for refrence to a large box) My plan is to modge-podge (coat with clear adheisve like product) scrapbook items around the wood frame, and today I was at a craft store with Mr. Z, looking for paper and supplies. I had instructed Mr. Z to keep his eyes open for any pirate stuff to go with his swashbuckling room. As I looked for items that would somehow bring my mental picture of these projects to life, Mr. Z brought me a sheet of stickers and said, "Here is my Pirate stuff."

I was confused. The stickers were adhesive depictions of glass bottles filled with what I assumed was cola. The tiny bottles were not labeled so I suppose it could also have been Root Beer, or Dr. Pepper, etc.

Me: This isn't Pirate stuff , go put it back where you found it.
Mr. Z: Yes it is Pirate stuff - it's bottles of Rum.

Needless to say, I am not embellishing Z's magnet board with any type of alcoholic beverage.

And has anyone noticed a slightly irreverent theme to many of my blogs?

Who is raising these kids?

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Becca said...

That totally cracked me up! Where did he come from? Seriously, what 4 year old knows about rum.