Saturday, January 12, 2008

Apparently it is time for some resolutions...

1. I will pursue greater understanding of 4th grade mathematics in order to be of some use to Miss A's homework endeavors when the Hub is out of town.
2. I will not buy Mr. Z anymore Velcro shoes. I spend way more time adjusting the 'tightness' of the shoes to appease his OCD tendencies (this one's tighter, now this one's tighter, now this one a little more, oh - now this one is too much!) than I would to just tie some laces.
3. I will avoid the phrase "I don't care about the PlayStation" when Mr. N gives me yet another play by play of awesome moves in his latest Lego Star Wars adventures, thus avoiding a large, green eyed, tearful look of betrayal and despair.
4. I will not restrict my kids to one treat each (followed by a mild lecture on proper eating habits) and then hoard the bag of chocolate for myself.
5. I will not buy bags of chocolate.
6. I will accept the fact that 'I watch much less T.V. now that I have TIVO' is an incorrect statement.
7. I will seek help for my TIVO addiction.
8. I will practice patience and wait until the Hub comes home to help with large projects. This will aid in the avoidance of pitfalls such as trying to move a queen sized mattress and box springs up two flights of stairs by myself and the possibility of breaking a toe.
9. I will be more prepared to answer questions from Miss A such as "Mom, when I grow up do I have to wear those underwear that crawl up your butt?"
10. And while we are on the subject of butts, I will not walk past Victoria's Secret in the mall if my kids are with me in order to avoid hearing: "Oh sick, I can see her butt!", and the ensuing, never-ending-till-I-threaten-punishment butt comments, rhymes and bad jokes from the two boys.
11. I will not walk past Victoria's Secret in the mall if my kids are NOT with me in order to avoid the "My butt/stomach/thighs/etc. will never look like that underwear model's" depression.
12. I will clean my bathroom's before they rival the befouled condition of a convenience station commode in the middle of the Mojave.
13. I will put aside the cleaning of said bathroom (who cares about sanitation anyway?) to spend more time with my kids.

And that is just for starters.....


Heather said...

I loved reading that. Now I am worried because I just hooked up my Tivo and I have already watched more TV today than a typical day because I now have more then 20 channels and half of them are not in Spanish.
I reolve to have conversations with my sisters about cable shows of which I have been in the dark about for about 2 years. Then I will resolve to reduce the amount of TV I watch.

Kristy said...

Wendy....that was great. Although sometimes I think I would like to hear the jokes/comments/rhymes that your boys come up with. :) I resolve to not let the house go to shambles when mom and dad go out of town.....and to clean up what mess I've made already. And I resolve to do my homework first thing when I get home.