Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stop Whining!

Okay - so after my big whine about not having a network I have to take back my words.  After reading my When I Needed It Most blog, my friend Chris Riker called me and kindly but firmly told me that she would have gladly given me a hand when I was sick and told me to put her number on my speed dial.  

Fast forward a few days - Today is my birthday - 34 - (hmmmm...mid thirties - many whiny feelings on the topic that I will just keep to myself).  The Hub is still out of town, I am still in recovery mode from illness, two of the three kids are not feeling well (though thank heavens not with what I had) so my b-day outlook was pretty bleak until......surprise!  Chris stopped by with a bouquet of balloons tied to a bag bearing the name 'Wegman's'.  Those who know about Wegman's understand that it could only contain good things!  Within the bag I found a take and bake cheese pizza so I don't have to make dinner for the kids, some home-made chicken noodle soup for me - a loaf of their yummy french epi bread - a 2 layer butter creme vanilla cake - AND a necklace and pair of earrings which Chris hand made.  

I would say that was above and beyond what anyone could expect from her network.  Thank you Chris!  You made my day!    


Becca said...

I'm glad you have someone there. My present will be there shortly and it will be wrapped in something almost as nice as a Wegman's bag--like maybe a priority shipping envelope! How's that for fancy!

Heather said...

And my will come into your inbox! The joys of electronic gifts!

Janice said...

Hello- I am just blog hopping..

First- I have a great network of friends and of course the sec anyones hears about someone being in the hospital, or a death or just having a sinus infection (chalk it up to a small town morman ward) its gone through the network in minutes, its great and I hope I never lose it.

Sec-I love vampire movies too, did not ever get into Buffy, but the Twilight series (books) is so so good, if you havent already jumped in.
Third- Jess from Gillmore girls is an old friend of mine. He is now in Hero's. I kissed him once.

Thanks and Happy Birthday

Janice said...

ok me again- you are so funny and I hope you dont mind if I put you on my "blogs by people I don't know roll". You are a breath of fresh air.

Chris said...

I am sure you posted this!! Glad you enjoyed it. Get better

shauna said...

Isn't it amazing how a thoughtful gesture like that can change your day? Your week? Your life? What a fabulous friend Chris is. But of course, you must be pretty fabulous yourself to have scored a friend like that.

shauna said...

By the way, I LOVE the graphic in this post!