Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Night in the Life of Super-Mom

The other night, N came into my room around 11:00.  He had this confused but wild glassy eyed look and was sweating profusely.  As he has been sick and feverish, I was initially alarmed that his fever had spiked and I was going to have to take him to Urgent Care or something. This was the conversation that ensued.  

Me:  N, are you okay?
N:  I have a problem.
Me:  (feeling his forehead which was cool but clammy)  What is your problem?
N:  (tearing up)  Those guys are aiming their catapults at me!
Me:  Huh?  
N:  (glassy eyed silence)
Me:  What are you talking about?
N:  Catapults!
Me:  (Angrily) Have you been up playing with toys or something?  

*Editorial Pause -
It is known fact, in our home, that N will sometimes wake up at night, turn on his light once he realizes that everyone is asleep, and play with toys, only to fall asleep on the floor - which is odd because it is hardwood.  I have also found him asleep in bed in the morning, lights on, and under the covers is myriad of knights, horses, and weapons.   This deviant behavior resulted in the 'no light bulbs for you' (said in the voice of the Seinfield 'Soup Nazi') rule of 2007.  He has since earned back his light bulb rights, and thus the ability to see at night - with the carefully worded warning that I can re-possess his bulbs at the slightest infraction of their use.
*Resume Conversation - 

N:  (slightly frantic) Help me Mom!
Me:  What?
N:  The bricks really hurt!
Me:  What bricks?
N:  They load up the catapult with bricks and shoot it at me!  I need help!  Please!  

I realized that he was experiencing some sort of bizarre sleep-walking enactment of a dream so I got up to lead him back to bed.  When I put my hand on his back he was drenched with sweat so I pulled off his P.J. shirt, put a dry one on him and tucked him in.

Me:  (whispering) You are safe now.  The guys are gone.
N:  (mumbling)  Thank you.  You saved my life.

Yeah - that pretty much what Super-Mom's do.  My next feat?  To finish the laundry.


Janice said...

Oh that is so sad, and cute at the same time. My 6 year old talks in her sleep and we love to get her to say funny stuff.

Becca said...

You tell this story so well. This is the second time that I have heard it, I was still laughing. But when talking about Nick's nighttime infractions, you forgot to mention the fact that he also sneaks to the kitchen and fills up on treats hoping no one will notice in the morning. However, the Oreo cookie crumbs in the bed were a dead giveaway!! I love that kid!

Tari said...

That is the cutest story ever! I love it when my kids think I'm a hero. It's not very oftan, but so very precious.

The Legers said...

Hey, this is DeLaina's sister Emily who was in the ward there in Suncrest for a while. I just checked your blog out and have been laughing so hard at your stories! I love that you had to take your son's lightbulb away from him....that is hilarious, and you tell a great story! I know DeLaina and her kids miss you and your kids so much! Sounds like you are enjoying your time in DC!

Kristy said...

HAHAHA!!!!! I had no clue about the "no light bulbs" rule. that is great. he's so funny!

shauna said...

Oh my gosh. This is the best sleep walking story ever. I'm totally adding you to my blogroll. :)

Heather said...

Wendy. WOW! I sure loved that story and wish I coudl ahve been there for it. He is the greatest! You are a super mom!