Monday, January 28, 2008

The Lazy Mom's Dinner

So - since we have all been sick a few things are out of whack.  Namely, the house is a mess and I am running low on essential supplies. 

So - I decided for dinner I would take the kids to get a smoothie from a local store.  I was thinking that with the fruit juice and vitamin C booster, the drink would be good for their colds, and then we would go home to make sandwiches.

So - Z sipped his drink and cried (literally)  "I hate this - never get it for me again."  N sipped his drink, made a great and horrible face, grabbed his throat and involuntarily began to gag.  I threw their drinks away, not wanting to consume their germs, thusly wasting five dollars and some odd cents.  A and I enjoyed our beverages as we drove home, listening to the boys complain about my bad idea of getting a smoothie, and suggesting that we go instead to Maggie Moo's. When I told them that we were not going to Maggie Moo's we listened to them both cry and complain because they were thirsty and we were drinking in front of them.

So - when we got home, I could not find the supplies for sandwich making.  In fact, I was even out of the basic ingredients for the kids all time favorite meal - buttered noodles.

So - this is what appeared on each of their plates:
2 cheese raviolis (lean cuisine),
1/4 cup fettuccine Alfredo (also lean cuisine),
1/3 of a piece of left over pizza,
1/3 of a banana,
4 mini carrot sicks,
and all the orange juice they could drink.

To quote a friend - "The government requires that I feed my children.  There is no regulation for taste or quality."

Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store.  Even if I have to go with (gulp) kids.


Becca said...

If it makes you feel better, every meal we consumed yesterday included peanut butter as a main staple--sad but true!

Janice said...

i hear you my friend. I am in need of a big grocery shop right now, and I hate going, so I put it off till the last min, well it's the last min. We had to go to subway for lunch today. YUM

Kristy said...

Hahaha! I love your boys. They sure do spice up life!

shauna said...

I heart you. Really. I do. Because now I know I'm not the only mom who runs out of supplies and feeds her kids "Dinner Surprise," meaning, whatever's left in the house. (I haven't yet resorted to cat food. Yet, I said...)